EMPO is organizing 3 “no-contact” meets this fall.
Members may also use the UsynligO phone app to access additional courses!

Sept. 21 – 27 – Mystery Event near Exit 17
Oct. 24 – 30 – Pineridge XCountry Ski Center
Nov. 9 – 15 – Tawasentha Park

More information about courses set up for UsynligO here

During this COVID era, we are adhering to OUSA guidelines by offering “no-contact” meets. These entail registering and paying online, downloading a map, doing the course at any time during the designated timeframe, self-timing and submitting your time to the meet organizer.
We strongly urge all participants to observe public health protocols, such as social distancing and using face coverings, while attending our events to protect themselves and other park users from corona virus transmission.

Tom O’Grady has written about his family’s experience at the club’s first No Contact meet at Garnsey Park in May 2020 – find the article here!

Google Map of Meet Venues

Driving Directions to Meet Venues

Entry Fees
* EMPO members: $5 or $13 maximum per family 
* non-members: $10 or $25 maximum per family
* first-timer or novice course: $5 (member or non-member)
SI stick rental for timing /compass: $2

Meet Procedures

Please note that the procedures outlined below are for regular meets; due to the corona virus we are currently implementing “no contact” policies.
EMPO holds regular club meets in the Albany area during the spring and fall. These are augmented by a summer sprint series in local parks along with ski orienteering events a little further afield during the winter months.
Club meets are open to members and non-members alike. Usually 3 or 4 courses are offered, ranging from beginner to advanced. You may try a course by yourself, with a partner or with a larger group. You can walk leisurely around the course or run a competitive navigational race. A map of your chosen course is included in the registration fee, and you get to keep it after you finish to review later. You will also need a compass and an electronic timing stick to record your time, both of which can be rented on site. The Registration and Start window for EMPO events is 11 am – 1 pm (unless otherwise noted) and there is usually a 2-3 hour time limit per course, after which controls are picked up. All participants are requested to return to the start/finish area before leaving the venue, even if you don’t complete your course, for safety purposes. Click here for more details about meet procedures.