Grafton Lakes – October 11, 2021

We had a nice turnout on a beautiful day. We met some folks we had only encountered previously via e-mail, and we re-acquainted with a former EMPO member who has chosen to return to our area (!).

I think a good time was had by all. I found it interesting to see the divergence on which controls caused difficulty for different participants. But, as they say “That’s Orienteering”.

Thanks to everyone who attended and particularly to Grant, who is helping to pick up. Also, I want to note that Tristan almost met my 1 Hour challenge. It was only trouble on Blue/Red #2 which caused him to miss. If I get his route track, I’ll publish it.

Now it’s on to Niskayuna (Lock Seven) for the Club Champs on Nov 13. More details will be forthcoming.

-Phil H-T

White / Yellow
1. Nina & Doug Swank 35:42
2. Will, Max, Caleb Kennerly 1:53:13
3. Katie Osterdehl Family DNF

1. Bruce Shenker 1:16:59
2. Bob Lange 1:27:18
3. David Smith 1:33:56
4. Eric Hamilton 1:43:07
5. Thayer Raines 2:06:57
6. Sue Hawkes-Teeter 2:13:53
7. Candice Raines 2:25:29
8. Pat Dunlavey Group OT (3:00:38)
9. Reid Smalley DNF

1. Tristan Smith 1:05:08
2. Grant Staats 1:18:33
3. David Hunter 1:35:35
4. Janet Findlay 1:58:17
5. Bruce Beesley 2:55:11 (Usynligo earlier in week)