Garnsey Park No-Contact Ski-O, Feb. 3-8, 2021

Below are the results of the no-contact-ski-orienteering at Garnsey Park over the last two weeks. You can see we had 12 entries: three individuals and nine groups.  The three individuals were each winners in my mind:

  • David Hartnett on RED
  • Sue Hawkes-Teeter, the winning female on GREEN
  • Tyler Koziol on GREEN

 Trail conditions for the three individuals was about 2.5 k of trampled groomed snow and the remainder on six inches of fresh, light snow that had not been skied in yet.   The Gummy Bear Hunters was a family group who dad describes as “heavily bribed with gummy bears”.  The BKYSL teams were each sent out late in the afternoon to start their respective courses from different starting controls.  They were motivated by dwindling daylight and ringing dinner bells.  I shadowed one of these groups, “Get Lost”!  It is remarkable to see these youth navigate from one control point to another.  Even as young as 8 years old they can read a map and make decisions, logical decisions faster than I can.  They are teaching me not to over analyze: relax, and get there!  

RED David Harnett, 1:31:00 (Feb. 5)

BROWN Josh Yeaton Group, 1:08:06 (Feb. 7)

GREEN Get Lost BKYSL Team, 56:00 (Feb. 9)
Susan Hawkes-Teeter, 57:15 (Feb. 4)
Tyler Koziol, 1:02:29 (Feb. 5)

WHITE The Penguins BKYSL Team, 56:00 (Feb. 9)
The Cardinals BKYSL Team, 57:00 (Feb. 9)
The Ski Team BKYSL Team, 57:00 (Feb. 9)
Zoom BKYSL Team, 1:00:15 (Feb. 9)
The Tigers BKYSL Team, 1:01 (Feb. 9)
The Gummy Bear Hunters, 1:36:12 (Feb. 6)
Purple Snow BKYSL Team, ?? but had fun anyway (Feb. 9)