Thacher Park – September 12

We had a nice turnout at Thacher Park on Sunday. It was fun to actually see some of all of us once again. And we had some newcomers as well, which is always great.
Big thanks to Bruce for all of his work in creating and setting the courses. Ribbons are now down but the maps are posted on the UsynligO web site. If you don’t know how to use that site, and the phone app, instructions are available from the EMPO web site here:

White (1.9 km, 8 controls)
D. Ducey DNF

Yellow (2.6 km, 9 controls)
A. Poole 74:46
C. Smith 85:00 (estimated)
Kennerly Family 100:58
R. Gloo/K. Harwick 102:41

Orange (3.9 km, 10 controls)
T. Madey 93:13
S. Poole 95:30
R. Lange 95:36 (estimated)
S. Hawkes-Teeter 107:39
E. Hamilton 110:00 (estimated)

Green (4.9 km, 14 controls)
P. Hawkes-Teeter 122:23
B. Shenker 129:07

Red (5.4 km, 15 controls)
T. Smith 77:02 (Usynligo)
G. Staats 102:18 (Usynligo)
D. Hunter 112:12
J. Findlay 125:47
D. Smith 153:17 (Usynligo)