Thacher Park Course Notes, September 2021

Start and finish will be at the Knowles Flat Pavilion. This area is not visible from the Park Road. The road into it is on the west side just north of the southern entrance into the Overlook area.

There will be a traditional Orienteering meet, complete with SI timing sticks and orange and white control markers.  This will be on Sunday, Sept. 12, with starts from 11 am – 1 pm.  Please try for the traditional two  hour start window.  There will be five courses, white to red.  After the 12th, the meet will still be available through UsynligO until next Sunday afternoon.  The controls will be marked with blue ribbons, but the white course will not be ribboned.

White – 1.9 km; 8 controls
Yellow 2.6 km; 9 controls
Orange 3.9 km; 10 controls
Green 4.9 km;  14 controls
Red 5.4 km; 15 controls

Pre-registration is preferred. Just email Phil Hawkes Teeter at and indicate which course you plan to do. Payment can be emailed to his Paypal account (, but same day registration will be an option.  If anyone has not paid for their yearly membership, we can accommodate that as well. Entry fees are $5 per person for club members and $10 per person for non-members. Prices for annual membership are here:

The event is outside, but we should all try to socially distance as much as possible (clump together panting as you come in at your own risk…).  There is no mandatory masking, but certainly do mask if you feel more comfortable with a mask, or if you have unvaccinated children or immunocompromised family members at home.  

Also remember that there are tick borne diseases out there, so do the usual tick checks afterwards.

For anyone who has not spent much time at Thacher, there are pits and rocky crevasses in certain areas, so pay attention when running off trail.

Finally, on all cliffs, the control is placed at the base.

If you have questions about the course or the meet, please email me at