Tawasentha Score-O, October 2023

Well friends, even though the weather was less than ideal (Times-Union said sunny and 70 degrees – haha) we had a pretty good turn-out for the Tawasentha Park Score-O yesterday in intermittent drizzle.

I love to see families come with their kids, and we had 3 groups on Saturday,. And even better: 2 groups were first-timers, and all said they enjoyed themselves and will be back for future meets!

Three men had outstanding times for punching all 25 controls in under 60 minutes, although one who shall remain nameless apparently broke a rule by crossing the bridge on rte. 146. I hate to use the the DQ card, but there you go.

Thanks to Phil for a great job of adding new trails to the map, and modifying my clumsy control placement.

Thanks to Laszlo for registration, set-up, tear-down, control pickup and record keeping.

Thanks to the Miller group for control pickup at the west end of the map.

See you all again at Camp Pinnacle on October 21, 11:00am -1:00pm.

Bob Lange