Lapland Lake Ski-O

Dates: Sunday Jan. 24 through Sunday Jan. 31, 2021

Location: Lapland Lake Ski Center, 139 Lapland Lake Rd.,Northville, NY 12134

Courses: WHITE: 1.3 km, 6 controls
ORANGE: 2.4 k, 6 controls
GREEN: 4.0 km, 10 controls
BROWN: 5.2 km, 15 controls
RED: 6.6 km, 17 controls
Note that distance is measured straight line on the map; actual distance covered to reach controls will be greater.

Controls are marked with yellow caution tape; the control number is written on them.  
Start and finish locations are not flagged or marked on the ground but only on the map.  

Email Eric Hamilton, for a map.
This event is self-timed; if you wish, email your time (with splits if available) to Eric. Results will be published sometime after Jan. 31.

Please note: In keeping with COVID guidelines, day passes are limited and should be purchased online at