September 24, Partridge Run

Meet Director Laszlo dialed up a really wonderful day for our initial autumn event. You could not have asked for better weather, which made the running/walking/hiking very pleasant, and resulted in a lot of folks hanging around and chatting after finishing (or not) their courses. The water table was a little higher than had been advertised on the basis of a week ago; still it wasn’t wet in the woods, and most of the water courses could still be crossed on the rocks keeping feet dry.

As far as I could tell, everyone enjoyed their courses, though I didn’t get a chance to meet all as they finished (had to get home and prepare for the Annual Meeting, which followed). The courses included a number of features new to the map, as Laszlo had chosen to not just use what was already on it, but searched to see what might be in some areas which had not previously been covered (PR is a big place). He would find something he wanted to use, mark its approximate location using OCAD sketch, and I would then use my pro-GPS unit to get it correctly on the map. It was an interesting process.

As always, some more features turned up as I (and others) actually went out on the courses. I thought I saw at least three unmapped walls, and of course there were some unmapped rootstocks. I plan to get back there soon and try to add the walls. It’s a little tricky as memory when you are trying to move rapidly (more or less) isn’t always precise. But, I’ve marked up a map with the places I think might have walls previously missed, and we’ll see what I find. If you are interested, I can send you a copy of that map (which includes my course route).

However, this e-mail is about the results – see below. I do want to point out that we now have yet another Meet Director who can work with the software on his/her laptop to download the SI data and produce Results. Anyone else who would like to join this group, let me know, and I can provide the software, and beginning instruction.|

To all who attended: THANKS! To those who couldn’t: sorry we missed you; hope to see you next time. And, next time is October 15 at Crandall Park in Glens Falls. More details will be forthcoming.

Minutes from the Annual Meeting will be linked in a separate e-mail.

Phil H-T