Pineridge XCountry Center, October 24 – 30

Location: Pineridge Cross Country Ski Center, Poestenkill, NY

Meet Organizer: Grant Staats

Courses: Green (approx. 3.5 km) and Red (approx. 5 km)

Registration and further information:; 518-424-4823

Prices: normal EMPO fees: $5 for members, $10 for non-members

Payment: PayPal (send to
Send check, made payable to EMPO, to
Philip Hawkes-Teeter, PO Box 8, Berne, NY, 12023

Once you register, you will be sent a link to download the maps in PDF format.
If you don’t have a color printer to produce your map, let us know early enough and we will mail you one.
By downloading or purchasing the map, you have accepted the waiver.

Timing: Self-timing
The UsynligO phone app may be used for both courses. Since Pineridge is private property, the courses will be removed from the app immediately following the courses closing on Oct. 30.
Course splits / times may be emailed back to Grant for posting on the website.

Please observe public health protocols while on the property, including social distancing and face covering. The following article examines various aspects of transmission risk in outdoor settings:

Course Notes:
1 – please park in the dirt parking lot at 1463 Plank Road, Poestenkill, NY 12138;

2 – to get to the Start, walk directly across the road (Plank Road) from the parking lot. You will see a sign on a tree with the word “Start” on it – that sign is in the center of the red start triangle of your map.  Ignore the arrow “<” on the sign – the sign itself is the Start triangle. There are NO ribbons marking the Start / Finish;

3 – control locations will NOT have control flags (bags), SI timer units or pin punches.  There will be orange streamers (surveyors tape) on trees, like on the photo below. The streamers have the CONTROL CODE written in black marker on them. There will be NO ribbons marking the Start / Finish;

4 – control descriptions will be printed on the map;
5 – the terrain is hilly with great visibility on much of the mapped area. Expect lots of trails throughout your course as this area is used for XC skiing in the winter. There is quite a bit of rock/boulders in the forest as well.  As you will surely find out, your course will circumnavigate, and come close to the top of, a 600m summit.  In the case where you are really lost you can use an “emergency azimuth”, a “bail-out bearing” of North. You will ultimately hit Plank Road;
6 – Map scale is 1:7500, which means 10mm on the map equals 75m in the terrain. As home printed maps are usually sensitive to sweat or rain it is recommended that you put your map in a plastic bag;
7 – there are no bathrooms of any sort and no indoor access. There will be no water on the courses and no refreshments at the end. You will likely be the only participant at the “event location” during the time of your Orienteering experience.

Special Requests from Property Owner:
1 – wood bridges/treads are likely rotted so beware;
2 – if you are willing to stop and pick up downed limbs across trails, it’d be appreciated;
3 – please wear a mask within 12ft of other runners;
4 – if there is a “sign-in box/bucket” at the Ski Center Bldg please sign in.