Peebles Island Meet Director’s Notes

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2023
Start Window: 11 am – 1 pm

Map Notes

The forest is currently pretty open, so visibility should be good, though it will be greening up by mid-May. There is some dark green on the map which is difficult to get through, while the medium green is passable and not a bad choice for routing. The small confined area of Peebles Island does not have big hills or mountains but offers good terrain relief (well defined smaller land features). The well-established trail network is fairly extensive and offers an easy navigation aid – especially when about three-fourths of the Island has trail on its perimeter. At the time of this writing there was water is the marshy areas so you can expect them to be at least wet.

Course Notes

You’ll find an unusually high number of controls on the more challenging courses, with short intervals in between.  They were designed that way in order to make up for the confined area of the map.  My hope is that all participants will need to stay engaged with the map, at even fast paces, to plan and execute an abundance of close point-to-point routes.


  • Beginner: 7 controls, 1.6 k
  • Intermediate: 12 controls, 3.0 k
  • Advanced: 22 controls, 4.4 k

I’ll plagiarize Phil Hawkes-Teeter by adding:

This is by and large a route choice and point recognition exercise. And remember, in the words of (several time US Champ) Michael Platt: “If it’s too easy, you’re not running hard enough!” There will be No Drinking Water on the course. So, be prepared. There will be water and various refreshments at the Finish.

SportIdent (electronic-punch timing system) will be used, so those without an SI stick (card/dibbler) will need to rent one for $2; but don’t LOSE IT – there’s a $50 replacement fee.

Additional Information 

Registration/payment – Prices are the usual: $5 for members; $10 for non-members (for groups or member renewal prices, see the website). While the risk of COVID transmission is very low outdoors, we still try to minimize unnecessary close proximity. Thus, while of course you can just come and contribute on-site, we also offer pre-registration /pay options:

Park Information


Address: 1 Delaware Avenue North, Cohoes, NY 12047

Restroom Facilities will be available for our event

Check-in: Look for the EMPO Banner and Tents

Directions: From 787 North:
Turn right onto Ontario St, in Cohoes, then left onto Delaware Ave/ Railroad Dr.
Continue to follow Delaware Ave until you arrive at the park.