Meet Notes for Rotary Meet, Nov. 5, 2023

Map Notes

This new map was used for EMPO’s NRE in May ’22. The map was created by Mark Dominie and completed in March 2020. It uses the 2017 ISOM symbol set, plus a number of the usual Dominie additions and variations. There is not enough space for a legend to be included on the map, but some copies will be available to view at Registration or it can be downloaded here:
A few things at Rotary have changed since March 2020. The forest is currently pretty open but the typical fall foliage (reds, oranges, yellows) makes the control markers blend into the forested backdrop. Autumn orienteering features this challenge every year. There is no dark green (thick vegetation known as “fight”) on the map, and the only medium green is in swamps you wouldn’t want to cross anyway (though it is somewhat drier than usual). The area does not have many of the huge boulders you may remember from Pineridge (which is nearby), but it is rocky, with many small cliffs and marshes. The terrain is more like Grafton Lakes, but less developed beyond the Scout campsites. Stone walls are present, but sporadic and generally not as useful for navigation as those at Partridge Run.

Course Notes

There are FIVE Course options:
White–1.3km, 7 controls (scale 1:5,000)
Yellow–2.8km, 9 controls (scale 1:7,500)
Orange–3.5km, 10 controls (scale 1:7,500)
Green–5.0km, 10 controls (scale 1:12,500)
Red–6.0km, 10 controls (scale 1:12,500)

The 1:12,500 scale is unusual, but allows for a more complete map with Clues.
There will be no separate clue sheets.
There will be no drinking water on the course. So, be prepared. There will be water and various refreshments at the Finish.

Championship Class Categories

Anyone can enter and participate in the event, but to be an EMPO Class Champion you must be an EMPO Member. You may join EMPO at the event before you start your course (and your membership will last through next year!) but you cannot join just to qualify after running your course. Also, you may be qualified for several classes, but you must choose which class you will compete in before running your course.


M-12, F-12
M-15, F-15
F-18, F65+, M-18
F-20, F35+, F45+, F55+, M-20, M55+, M65+
F21+, M21+, M35+, M45+

Registration / Payment

Prices are the usual: $5 for members; $10 for non-members (for groups or member renewal prices, see the website). While the risk of COVID transmission is very low outdoors, we still try to minimize unnecessary close proximity. Thus, while of course you can just come and contribute on-site, we also offer pre-reg/pay options:

  • Email to (, then pay in person on site;
  • Go to PayPal and email to (NOT;
  • Ask Phil to send you a PayPal invoice, then charge it.

SportIdent will be used, so those without an SI stick (card/dibbler) will need to rent one for $1. DON’T LOSE IT–there’s a $50 replacement fee!

Rotary Scout Reservation

Address:279 Davitt Lake Rd, Averill Park, NY 12018
Phone: (518) 283-4794
Directions/Parking, Registration, and Start area: On a GPS, the address above will take you to the Reservation Maintenance Bldg/House. That house is on the access road to the Reservation. FOLLOW THE ORANGE/WHITE ORIENTEERING SIGNS past the house and through the gate. Continue for 400m or so on the dirt road, take a left at the open field and go down the road/hill past the Camp Office to the big pavilion where the Parking/Registration/Start area is. There are toilet facilities at the Registration/Start area.

Contact Grant Staats for more information: cell (518)424-4823 or email

Hope to see you on the 5th!