Meet Notes for Partridge Run, Sept. 24

Courses will be at Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area, Berne, NY.
Map is newly updated, and many controls are on added point and linear features.
The Capital Region has some wonderful Parks, which are orienteering worthy, and we use them; but our wilder State Forests and Wildlife Management Areas are even better orienteering challenges, and that’s Partridge Run:

  • Limited trail network
  • Lots of historical remains (walls, ruins)
  • Plenty of open woods
  • Many water features

It’s a great venue, and our newly returned-to-the-area Meet Director Laszlo Kolyvek has done a fine job using the possibilities it presents. Even if you have been there a number of times, you will likely get into some areas you have not seen before.

Course Information:
Advanced Beginner – 2.3 km / 85 m climb / 10 controls (roughly equivalent to Yellow with more off-trail hand rails)
Intermediate – 3.8 km / 105 m / 10 controls (Orange/Brown)
Advanced – 5.8 km / 155 m / 13 controls (Green / Red)


  • There are no facilities
  • Cell phone coverage is sketchy
  • Even now, water levels are low
  • No drinking water placed on the course

It is highly recommended that you pre-register. COVID is still around, and it is best to limit close contact, even outdoors. But, this will be a regular local event with SI punching and downloading, etc. To pre-register, send me (and Laszlo) an e-mail with:

  • Name
  • Year-of-Birth
  • SI stick number (or indication that you will rent)
  • Course selection

I will then send you links:

  • Map Notes
  • Meet/Course Notes
  • PayPal payment [you can re-up your membership while you enter the event in one payment]
  • Map you can print [if you are serious, you should not look over the map in advance]
  • Legend you can print [one copy for review at event site]
  • Clues you can print [one copy for review at event site]

Of course, even if you don’t pre-register, you can still attend, pay on site, etc. But, getting going will be somewhat slower.

Finally, we hope to hold the Annual Meeting after the event back at H-T central in downtown Berne. There will be drinks and snacks. I hope to start the meeting around 2:30-3:00. It shouldn’t take long. Let me know if you can make it, as we need to have a quorum.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Hope to see you Saturday!

-Phil H-T