Meet Notes for Crandall Park, Oct. 15, 2022

Our next orienteering event is this Saturday, October 15, at Crandall Park/Coles Woods in Glens Falls. Starts are the usual 11-1.

Map – The Crandall Park portion is mostly open, but Coles Woods is wooded(!). The map uses the older symbols for rootstocks: brown X, rather than brown Triangle.

The formerly wooded portions of Crandall Park have been markedly changed by the addition of a Disc Golf course in the last year or so. I have tried over the course of a few hours to get the new path structure correct, but I may have missed some bits. I have not as yet mapped the disc holes/goals/targets as symbols on the map, let alone the disc “tees”. The paths are hard to follow in places, and there are always bits of the forest floor which some few have walked on but I did not consider a path. This may or may not help you, but beyond the orienteering map, here is the disc golf map:

I have limited the controls in the wooded portion of Crandall Park. Also, from the markings on the large field near my planned Start (“Parking” above), there may be a soccer tournament happening on Saturday. If so, the Registration/Start/Finish area will be moved to somewhere around the playground (yellow blog in middle of above map); there is parking on both sides of the road in that area. There will be signs helping to direct you, but this can be a busy place, and you may have to park a bit out somewhat.

This is by and large a route choice and point recognition exercise. And remember, in the words of (several time US Champ) Michael Platt: “If it’s too easy, you’re not running hard enough!” There will be No Drinking Water on the course. So, be prepared. There will be water and various refreshments at the Finish.

SportIdent will be used, so those without an SI stick(card/dibbler) will need to rent one for $1 ; but don’t LOSE IT – that’s a $50 replacement fee.

Registration/payment – Prices are the usual: $5 for members; $10 for non-members (for groups or member renewal prices, see the website). While the risk of COVID transmission is very low outdoors, we still try to minimize unnecessary close proximity. Thus, while of course you can just come and contribute on-site, we also offer pre-reg/pay options:

Email to then pay in person

Go to PayPal and pay

Ask me to send you a PayPal invoice, then charge it

Park info:

600 Glen Street Glens Falls, NY 12801

Courses –

  • White: 5 controls, 1.6k
  • Orange: 8 controls, 3.2k
  • Green: 13 controls, 4.3k


From the Northway:  At Exit 19, head on the ramp for NY-254 toward Glens Falls, 0.2 mi
Turn right onto NY-254 / Aviation Rd, 0.6 mi
Turn right onto US-9 S / Glen St – Mobil on the corner, 0.9 mi
Arrive at US-9 S / Glen St
The last intersection before your destination is Arbor Dr
If you reach Monument Ave, you’ve gone too far

I think that’s the info you need for now. If you think something is missing, e-mail me and I’ll look into it.  Bring your frisbee if you think you’ll have extra energy and hope to see you Saturday!