Five Rivers Meet Notes, June 18, 2022

Start window 11 am-1 pm with a 3 hour limit.
If you think you will be tending towards the 3 hour limit it would be helpful if you start closer to 11.

Start and Finish near the small building (not the main set of buildings) roughly north of the traffic circle, adjacent to the roadway. I hope to commandeer a picnic table behind the building for sign in. Look for the EMPO feather flag.

White: 1.4 km, 6 controls, easy terrain
Yellow: 2.6 km, 9 controls
Orange: 4.4 km, 11 controls
Green: 4.8 km, 15 controls, largely flat, runnable terrain
Red: 5.8 Km, 16 controls, some rougher terrain

The weather report at this point looks good, not super hot. There will be a water stop on the longer 3 courses.
The big risk is ticks. There are also sweat bees (actually a fly, I believe) that love hair. This time of year I tend to run with a hat or bandana, as I find them annoying.

Payment: technically we are not allowed to take payment there for events so everyone is encouraged to pay in advance through PayPal. This is an SI only event (no paper punch), so you will need to bring your own SI stick/dibbler or rent one.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to do this. You can make your payment here:

EMPO Members: $5 per map/group
Non-EMPO Members: $10 per map/group
SI stick/dibbler rental: $3
Compass rental: $1
EMPO Membership: $10 Individual, $15 Family

You may combine all charges into a single payment.

Alternatively, you can surreptitiously slip bills or checks to Bruce or into a box marked “Contributions”.

It will really help if you pre-register (and indicate which course you will do), as that will assist in determining how many maps we print. But even if you don’t and make a late decision, come anyway, as we will have some extra maps of each course.

If you have questions about the courses, contact the Director, Bruce Beesley:

Other questions, contact Phil Hawkes-Teeter,