Tawasentha Park November 9-15

Tawasentha Park
Non-Contact Orienteering Rules and Notes

The rules for this event will be similar to the rules and arrangements for previous Non-Contact events, but there will be a few differences, so please read carefully:
• All control locations will be marked by ribbons, with a number written on one of them to show the control code (though it should be pretty obvious if you are at the correct control); these ribbons will be standard survey ribbons, some shade of red/orange/fuschia
• There will be no punching (no SportIdent or physical paper punch)
• Timing is on your own, but the UsynligO program has the courses ready, and it will record your split times as long as you hear it chime near a control location (this can sometimes take a while; be patient, move around for a minute or so)
• In order to successfully “record” that you reached a control, your hand MUST come within one foot of the ribbons (you cannot just see it in the distance and move on; this makes it more consistent with a normal O event); if you get close enough for UsynligO to record it, that is sufficient
• There are no facilities near the course, but there are port-a-johns in the Park
• There will be no water or refreshments or food (bring your own)
• Links to download maps will be sent for printing, in PDF format, to those who register; there will be links to all three of the maps, and you can decide which you wish to run/walk
• OUSA has now sent out some guidelines on how to do these sorts of events, and their primary concern is that we need to have “signed” waivers; I am not going to print the waiver form on the back of all the maps (one of their suggestions), but by downloading the map, you agree to the terms of the waiver
• If you don’t have a color printer to produce your map, let me know early enough, and I will mail you one

Registration can be done via e-mail to me (philht@gmail.com) and payment can be made via my PayPal account (EMPO’s is under redevelopment) or mailed check (see below for addresses)
• It is not required, but it would nice if you would e-mail back to me the time for your course; if you have a watch that does splits, or if you use UsynligO those might be interesting as well

Prices are the normal EMPO entries: $5 for members, $10 for non-members

There will be 3 courses:
• White/Yellow – 2k, 9 controls
• Brown/Orange – 3.3k, 11 controls
• Red/Green – 4.9k, 15 controls
• “Check”–4.5k, 20 controls (This is the map I used for setting the controls, and it includes all 20.  It is shorter than the Red/Green because that course tries to create some route choices, while this one is intended to create the shortest route possible for me to place all the ribbons. But, if you like this idea, go ahead and do it.)

Start & Finish and parking will be near the parking area close to the swing/jungle gym/kid play area. Here is a link to a Bing map:

Directions from pretty much anywhere are simple: go to the junction of US 20 and NY 146 in Guilderland; head south a bit and the Park will be on your left (east) side. Drive in and circle about 270 degrees, and the playground and parking will be on your right. For any coming from the south, it’s just head north on NY 146, and the Park will be on your right.

Please observe public health protocols while in the park, including social distancing and face covering. The following article examines various aspects of transmission risk in outdoor settings:

A few words about the map: it has not yet been converted to the 2017 symbol set. The only obvious place this makes a difference is with the rootstock symbols. They are still the former brown X’s with brown trunk lines, not the new brown triangle.

Since I did get a permit to hold this event, I am not going to expand the length of time it will be offered beyond what I stated in the permit. The ribbons will be taken down over the week following the schedule of the event. However, the UsynligO courses will remain available through that program.

Please email me for further details or questions and to register and to pay. Once I hear from you I’ll send you the map file link. To pay, go to PayPal.com, enter my e-mail, and send me money! How easy is that? Prices are the normal EMPO entries: $5 for members, $10 for non-members. I do have a list of our membership status, though it is often a bit off, so if you are not sure, let me know, and I‘ll tell you what I have on file or remember. Individual memberships are $10, and Family memberships are $20. Checks should be mailed to:
Philip Hawkes-Teeter
PO Box 8
Berne, NY 12023

I think that covers it. If you have any questions, let me know.