Cole Hill Rules and Notes

The rules for this event will be similar to the rules and arrangements for the Garnsey event, but there will be a few differences, so read carefully:
• All control locations will be marked by ribbons, with a number written on one of them to show the control code (though it should be pretty obvious if you are the correct control); these ribbons will not be the wide caution tapes Eric used at Garnsey, just standard survey ribbons, one yellow and one some shade of red/orange/fuschia
• There will be no punching, either SportIdent or physical paper punch
• Timing is on your own
• In order to successfully “record” that you reached a control, your hand MUST come within one foot of the ribbons (you cannot just see it in the distance and move on; this makes it more consistent with a normal O event)
• There are no facilities near the course
• There will be no water or refreshments or food (bring your own)
• Links to download maps will be sent for printing, in PDF format to those who register; there will be links to all three of the maps, and you can decide which you wish to run/walk
• OUSA has now sent out some guidelines on how to do these sorts of events, and their primary concern is that we need to have “signed” waivers; I am not going to print the waiver form on the back of all the maps (one of their suggestions), but following another suggestion I will include as an attachment, along with the map, the waiver form, along with the statement that by downloading the map, you agree to the terms of the waiver; this strikes me as less than useful, but OK
• If you don’t have a color printer to produce your map, let me know early enough, and I will mail you one
• Registration can be done via e-mail to me and payment can be made via my PayPal account (EMPO’s is under redevelopment) or mailed check (see below for addresses)
• It is not required, but it would nice if you would e-mail back to me the time for your course; if you have a watch that does splits, those might be interesting as well
There will be 3 courses:
• White/Yellow – 2k, 8 controls
• Brown/Orange – 3.5k, 9 controls
• Red/Green – 5k, 10 controls
Start & Finish and parking will be along Irish Hill Road, in the old quarry area west of the junction with Willsie Road (which we have used before, but not in several years). Here is a link to a Bing map:

But directions from pretty much anywhere are simple: go to East Berne on NY 443; turn south on Cole Hill Road; turn right (west) on Willsie Road; turn right (southwest) on Irish Hill Road; you will soon see an old quarry area on the right (east) side of the road; park there if there is space, or park along the east side of the road if there is not space. If there is not space, you may want to wait a bit before beginning your course, as that will mean there are others already covering it. It is understood that you should be practicing “social distancing”. But here is a scientific write-up on why you don’t need to worry quite so much about outdoors exposure, because the risks are low:
None-the-less, have a mask with you in case you meet up with others on the trail or in the parking area.

A few words about the map: I have just tried converting it from its original format (ISOM 2000) to the new International Orienteering Federation (IOF) format (ISOM 2017). This required a lot of cleanup work. I think I got everything adjusted/corrected, but I may have missed a few. So, if you see a symbol or something on the ground that doesn’t seem to fit with the new standards, let me know. Also, I completely re-made the contours, as I found some that were crossing each other, and decided re-doing it would be easier than straightening them out; and I eliminated the form-lines, of which there were way too many (if you think some should be added back in, let me know).
Since I do not have to get any sort of permit to hold this event, I am going to expand the length of time it will be offered. Now, I admit that expanding the period will allow for vandalism/loss of ribbons. But, I think that is a minor problem compared to the benefit of offering a larger range of dates for people to participate. So, I plan to have everything ready for Friday, June 5, and still available through Monday, June 8. That should spread everyone out nicely, without me having to try to pick times for people. If you arrive and find a crowd, take a walk along Irish Hill Road (very little traffic), or hike one of the trails on the east side of Willsie Road (one south and one north of the junction with Irish Hill Road; you can see them on the competition map).
Please email me at with replies, questions, and/or to tell me you plan to attend, so I can send you the map file link. That e-mail address is also how you link to pay. You just go to, enter my e-mail, and send me money! How easy is that? Prices are the normal EMPO entries: $5 for members, $10 for non-members. I do have a list of our membership status, though it is often a bit off, so if you are not sure, let me know, and I‘ll tell you what I have on file or remember. Individual memberships are $10, and Family memberships are $20. Checks should be mailed to:
Philip Hawkes-Teeter, PO Box 8, Berne, NY 12023

I think that covers it. If you have any questions, let me know.