February 5, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 ESG Ski-O!  Due to Covid considerations this will be a no-contact, DIY event in many ways.  Procedures will be different than usual so please read the following notes carefully.  Notes will not be posted at the race venue.

Covid Precautions 

This event would not take place without the generosity and hard work of volunteers, many of whom are immuno-compromised.  Both Mt. van Hoevenberg and the Empire State Games have precautions in place to limit the spread of covid, which is still rampant in the Lake Placid area.  Please read these carefully at https://mtvanhoevenberg.com/health-safety-information/ and https://www.empirestatewintergames.com/.  Out of respect to volunteers, van Ho staff and fellow participants – and to keep yourself safe – please observe these guidelines at all times during your visit.

Masks are not required while you are skiing but please have one handy in case you find yourself needing to approach a volunteer or another competitor.  Masks mean proper masks and not buffs!

You will find information regarding location and times for clothing pickup on the ESG site.  Clothing will not be available at the ski-o event.

Ski-O Race Venue

Mt. van Hoevenberg, near Lake Placid, NY.  Parking will be at the old biathlon center (not the new lodge).  Shortly after turning off Rte 73 onto Bobsled Run Lane, you will pass under a bridge.  Turn right into the old biathlon center just past this bridge.  Your ESG registration fee includes a trail pass for the day.  We have not been granted access to the biathlon building and there are no amenities at this location.   Washrooms, cafeteria service etc. are available at Mountain Pass Lodge, located about 1 km from the old biathlon center at the end of Bobsled Run Lane.

Timing and Map Holders  

SI timing will be used.  It will be cold on Saturday and this may slow down the timing box response times.  Be sure your chip registers before withdrawing it from each box.  Those borrowing chips can pick them up the Start area before their start.

AIR+ timing will NOT be activated for this event.  Your AIR stick may work without inserting it in a control box if the box has recently been activated but each participant is responsible for making sure each control registers.  The meet organizers will not be responsible for any mispunches that show up on your download printout after the race.

We will have several spare mapholders available in the Start area.  If you would like to use one please let us know ASAP and we’ll reserve it for you.  Since you may need assistance getting it properly fitted you should bring somebody with you to the start to help out.

If you’d like to use some method other than a mapholder to carry your map – on a lanyard around your neck or encased in a plastic map cover for instance – please let us know ASAP and we’ll try to have it ready for you at the Start.

Warm Up Area

Please consult the attendant in the Start area before warming up and you will be directed to an appropriate trail.

Start Times and Location

Starts will be behind the old biathlon building from 1:00 – 1:45 pm.  Start times will be posted online by Thursday.  They will NOT be posted at the venue so be sure to note your time before arriving.  There will be an attendant at the start to explain the procedure.  Each participant will pick up their map and, without looking at it, immediately punch the Start control.  They will then insert their map into their holder and proceed on their course.


Short – 3.9 km; 10 controls (F/M U13; F/M 65+)

Middle – 5.3 km; 13 controls (F/M U19; F/M 35-49; F/M 50-64)

Long – 9.6 km; 21 controls (F/M 19-34)

All courses close at 4:30 pm so please ensure that you return to the Finish by then. Even if you don’t manage to find all the controls please punch the Finish control so we know you’re back safely.
Please note that there is a 20 km cross country race taking place at van Ho on Saturday afternoon which will impact ski-o racers on the Long course.  The cross country organizers have kindly permitted us to share their trails; if you are cautioned by a course marshal slow down and tell them you’re competing in the ski-o event and will take care not to interfere with a cross country racer.  Please take care not to interfere with a cross country racer

One Way Trails

Racers can ignore direction signs posted on the ski trails but MUST follow directional arrows on their map; going against the direction of arrows will result in disqualification. On your map you’ll see arrows on some of the race trails which may be in a different direction than you’re used to so be sure to check carefully before entering each new trail.  Directional arrows apply only to the section of the trail where they appear. Ski-O particpants on the Long course who find themselves meeting cross country racers head on are probably going in the wrong direction!

Finish Procedure 

All courses will finish at a small building.  After you have punched the Finish control, please take your SI stick to the front porch of the cabin and deposit it in the small basket by the door.  The Finish official will come out to retrieve it, take it inside to download it, and then bring it back out to the basket where you can pick it up.  DO NOT enter the cabin under any circumstances!  If you need to communicate with the Finish official please do so outside and from a safe distance. 

Results and Medals

There will be no formal medal ceremony, but medals will be available in the parking lot as soon as results are confirmed. Results will be posted online as soon as possible after the race. 

Further Information

If you have questions or would like further details about the event please contact Janet Findlay at jfindlay@roadrunner.com, or call / text 518-524-8179.  Janet will also be available at this number anytime during the day on Saturday so don’t hesitate to contact her if you have a problem or need information.

Thank you for attending this year’s ESG event – we hope you have fun and enjoy your course!
Janet Findlay & David Hunter – Event Organizers
David Hunter – Mapper & Course Setter
Phil Hawkes-Teeter – Timing & Finish