Crandall Park, Oct. 15, 2022

We had to make some adjustments to the Registration/Start/Finish because of the soccer field usage, and it took some folks a bit of time to find us; but in the end it was a beautiful day to run around in the woods. Despite the many people using the park, there were no problems and all controls were safely picked up.

Click at the bottom to download the Results. It was a very close race for 1st on the longest (Green) course, with 14 seconds between 1 & 2 (both 33 min plus). Several others had fine times in in the 40 minute region. We had to recycle a couple of Green maps as I printed 10 and we had 12 entries. I guess I should have figured that with somewhat shorter courses in more-or-less a Sprint venue, more entrants would opt for the longest course. And if there’s anyone who did that course and did not get a map back, let me know and I’ll send you a PDF to print for your records/map collection.

Longtime Ski-O person Chris Frielinghaus dropped by, and answered a question I had as I placed the controls and ran into a number of small O-markers, that he was the person who had placed them around the area to go with UsynligO course that has been available there. So, if you are looking for a semi-permanent course, look it up in the UsynligO courses in our area.

Thanks to all who came and made it fun! And special thanks to Sue for helping with Reg/Snacks/Instruction, and Marty who helped pick up.

Phil H-T