2023 Ski-O Nationals – Empire State Games

Competitor Conduct & Safety

While many competitors at this year’s Nationals come from an orienteering background they may not have much cross country skiing experience … and vice versa. To minimize misunderstandings and rule violations a few important Ski-O policies and procedures are listed below.

Covid Precautions

No doubt Covid and flu will still be with us in February. While many participants are prepared to accept the risks of infection, others are still exercising great caution, especially when indoors and when close to other people. No matter what degree of individual risk you are willing to accept, we ask that you respect your fellow competitors and officials, especially those who are working indoors and are seeking to limit their exposure.

If you are experiencing covid or flu symptoms, or have recently been exposed to somebody who is suffering from covid or flu, please do not attend the competition! We will work out some sort of fee refund for you.

General Safety

Please follow the local weather forecasts closely and dress appropriately! Cold temperatures are common in the Adirondacks and can cause life-threatening situations, especially when combined with wind and/or excessive fatigue.
If the temperature is below -20C one hour before the start of a race, the start will be postponed. Whenever possible, a postponement announcement will be made at least 2 hours in advance of the start and a rescheduled start time will be announced at least 2 hours in advance.
Please observe the course time limit – it’s there for your safety! And please check in at the finish whether you cross the finish line or not so you can be accounted for.
If you suffer an injury while on course try to inform another competitor. If you can’t make it back to the finish, each venue has a rescue sled that will be sent to pick you up.
The closest health facility is the Adirondack Medical Center, 2233 State Route 86, Saranac Lake. The Emergency Department is open 24 hours and the phone no. is 518-891-4141.