Conduct & Safety

2023 Ski-O Nationals – Empire State Games

Competitor Conduct & Safety

While many competitors at this year’s Nationals come from an orienteering background they may not have much cross country skiing experience … and vice versa. To minimize misunderstandings and rule violations a few important Ski-O policies and procedures are listed below.

Trail Etiquette

We are expecting close to 90 racers for this event, and as there will be other recreational skiers out as well, the trails will be very crowded at times. Please observe the following guidelines in order to minimize accidents and hard feelings:

  • if you need to stop to read your map, don’t stop in the middle of the trail, at the bottom of a hill or at an intersection – pull over to the side and stay out of the way of other skiers;
  • if being overtaken by another skier you must yield to them if requested;
  • always stay right for oncoming traffic even if that means double poling in the classic track;
  • don’t yell at oncoming skiers to get out of the way;
  • it is normal practice when overtaking other skiers going in the same direction to call out “track” so they know to step aside. When overtaking slower skiers it is often better to not track them but to simply say “passing on your right” (or left) as asking them to move or break their rhythm could cause them to fall and really get in your way;
  • when skating on narrower trails with classic tracks, please take every effort not to skate over the tracks – this will keep the classic skiers as well as the groomers happy!

In other words, be patient, use common sense and smile as often as you can!

Covid Precautions

Covid and the flu are still with us, and while many participants are prepared to accept the risks of infection, others are still exercising great caution, especially when indoors and when close to other people. No matter what degree of individual risk you are willing to accept, we ask that you respect your fellow competitors and officials, especially those who are working indoors and are seeking to limit their exposure.

If you are experiencing covid or flu symptoms, or have recently been exposed to somebody who is suffering from covid or flu, please do not attend the competition! We will work out some sort of fee refund for you.

General Safety