Cole Hill Notes

Overflow parking on the east side of Irish Hill Road north of the event center or the west side south of the event center. Please make sure you are not blocking traffic.

All courses except White/Yellow will cross Irish Hill Road both when heading out from start and arriving back at the finish. While Irish Hill Road is a sleepy one-lane town road, please cross only when it’s safe to.

There will be no water on the courses.  Competitors must carry their own, if desired.

There is no toilet, either. Please prepare accordingly.

Registration in advance (via email to is greatly appreciated.
Pre-paying entry fees via PayPal to will also help day-of logistics.
Prices are $5 for EMPO members; $10 for non-members.

AQI was 126 here in Westerlo the last time I was on the map (July 1), and the air was fine in the woods.
Hopefully, it will improve further by July 8, but please exercise caution as needed.


The 2023 meeting will take place immediately after the event (~3:00PM-4:00PM) at the Hawkes-Teeter residence in Berne. Please join us and let your voice be heard!
If you could, please confirm your attendance in advance via email. Or risk drinking only water! :o)


White/open forest is very runnable, even picturesque at the far ends of the green and red courses.

Expect tall grass in most open/yellow, and thick undergrowth in logged areas. Marshes/swamps are crossable, expect when it’s in open/yellow. (Then, depending on the weather, it might be completely dry and easy to cross or almost waist-deep; the vegetation seems to react quick to rain, so you may want to go around. Also, ticks seem to be confined to these wet/grassy patches. Picked up several every time I crossed/probed some.)

Smaller and especially indistinct trails are difficult to see. Sometimes you will find trail blazers but no trail… but there is a solid grid of stone walls (of various states), i.e. linear features won’t be difficult to find. Look for the fence, too, when you see it on the map.

Safety bearing is East for all courses (except White/Yellow) to Irish Hill Road, then back to the event center.
Safety bearing for White/Yellow: Willsie Road (CR 3) borders the White course on the SE. Head southwest back to Irish Hill Road.


AIR+ will be enabled on all courses but White. (We now have SIAC sticks available for rent!)
Regardless of your course, everyone must punch the start SI box manually. 

  • White/Yellow: 2.1 km / 8 controls / 70 m climb
  • Orange: 2.8 km / 8 controls / 90 m climb
  • Brown: 2.9 km / 9 controls / 95 m climb
  • Green: 4.4 km / 11 controls / 120 m climb
  • Red: 6.4 km / 13 controls / 250 m climb

Competitors on the White/Yellow course will need to rely mainly on stone walls instead of trails in and out to/from control #6. Other than that, there should be no surprises, just enjoy the scenery/course.
Everyone else will cross Irish Hill Road from the start and back into finish, so please be careful.
If the first/last ~300m feels boring, this is how far Irish Hill Road is from the good stuff.

Thanks for orienteeting!