Club Championships 2023

Thank you all who participated in our 2023 Club Championship event at Grafton on this colder than expected Saturday.
With the leaves down and lower than usual water levels, both visibility and runnability were ideal for some fast splits.
I am sorry for the lost SI box on the advanced course, but at the same time hope it made the meet even more memorable for you.

The 2023 EMPO Club Champions are:

·        F21+: Sydney Fisher

·        M21+: Kevin Fisher

·        F-12: Zora Miller

·        M-15: Thomas Madey

·        M35+: Marty Hawkes-Teeter

·        M45+: Bruce Beesley

·        F55+: Janet Findlay

·        M55+: David Hunter

·        F65+: Sue Hawkes-Teeter

·        M65+: Robert Lange

·        M75+: Phil Hawkes-Teeter

Attached/enclosed please find the results.

Special thanks to Gabor for his flexibility with his map/course selection, and control pickup.
If you had appreciated swags/sweets, Sue had made those happen.

This concludes our fall season. Stay tuned for the Ski-O calendar.