2021 Club Championships, Niskayuna Park, Nov. 13

It was a muddy wet day in Niskayuna, but it didn’t actually rain much that day, the water/mud was mostly just left over from the days before. Still, we had a good turnout, and everyone seemed to have had wet fun.

We did have a problem with one control on the Green course as the (now we know) landowner moved it off of his property (it was also on the Red course, but all Red runners had passed by then). So, Green runners at different times faced a different situation. The only thing I can see to do to make it all more equitable is to throw that control out. That may not perfectly compensate for the energy some Green runners used up before heading to the last controls, but it’s the best I can do. Thus, there is now a column in the Splits Results in RED showing the times recorded, but which I have deleted from their course time totals. The Champions are based on the adjusted times.

F-12 Lilja Edwards
M-12 Sampo Edwards
M-15 Thomas Madey
M21+ Bruce Beesley
F35+ Janet Findlay
M35+ David Hunter
M45+ Gabor Bobok
M55+ Bob Lange
M65+ Phil Hawkes-Teeter


YELLOW (2.6 km, 8 controls)
1. Thomas Madey 1:00:18
2. Lilja & Tuuli Edwards 1:07:52
3. Clinton Group 1:11:02
4. Sampo & Jason Edwards 1:30:08
5. Cynthia Johnson 1:44:01

GREEN (4.9 km, 14 controls)
1. Gabor Bobok 1:03:12
2. Will Kennerly 1:09:57
3. Phil Hawkes-Teeter 1:18:28
4. Thomas Madey 1:20:03
5. Bob Lange 1:40:39
6. Chris Morrisey 2:09:40
7. Bruce Shenker 2:12:41
8. Eric Hamilton 2:26:04
9. Thayer Raines 2:38:35
10. Candi Raines DNF
11. George Nisbet DNF
12. Sue Hawkes-Teeter DNF

RED (5.4 km, 15 controls)
1. David Hunter 1:21:49
2. Bruce Beesley 1:41:48
3. Janet Findlay 1:43:12